• WMP_Stand_1.png

Maximum 100 people

Stand 1 features both indoor and outdoor space, including:

• 6 picnic tables inside

• 6 picnic tables outside

• 1 serving table
• Electrical outlet

• Water access

• 1 large charcoal grill

Wicker Memorial Park only books for current year, beginning in January. Here are steps to secure your favorite spot:

STEP 1: Check availability by calling Wicker Memorial Park Office Manager Renee Ramos at (219) 838-3420.

STEP 2: If your date/location is available, the park will hold your reservation for 14 days. Please note: The hold time will be shorter if the day of call is close to or less than 14 days away from the desired date.

STEP 3: Visit the Wicker Park Picnic Office to pay for your reservation in full and complete the required paperwork. A valid ID with current address is required. Please note: If customer does not pay in full and complete the paperwork within 14 days, the reservation will automatically expire. There are no reminder calls.